Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday Excercise

OK, so I am late on the report of my holiday is however, all tucked away into my brain that monitors such tasks.
Here is what I did...
Dec 22: 3.178 RUN! Woo hoo I did a close to 5K and it felt really good. I had begun fighting a cold but the run went well.
Dec 24: Taught my Christmas Eve Spinning class to a bunch of mixed riders...very fun but I was certainly not feeling well and it was hard to breath. I remember not really being able to talk much because I had a sore throat and so I used more hand gestures to get them to do what I wanted.
Christmas day: what should have been a 5K run with the hubby for the HBJ run, turned into a nap on my bed for two hours...sore throat and laryngitis. NO exercise and no energy.
Dec 26: No exercise...still in recovery mode
Dec 27: Taught a spin class: note still not feeling well and no energy. I endured...
Dec 28: My brother Don was in town and came to my spinning class. I was still not feeling great but was beginning to get my voice back. Could definitely do more during the class than before.
Dec 29: A 4 mile run on a very snowy path. Felt great and I really didn't feel my hip the whole time! Feeling better, still have a cough.
Dec 31: Spin class feeling much more alive, although I still feel a little funky and lack energy. Ugh! Overall pretty good class...took them on a nice hilly journey on a draft line with other riders.
JAN 1: The Seaport Striders "morning after" run. Ran 3.5 miles at a nice pace...around 8:30 pace (I think). Felt nice although the wind was pretty chilly on the way out...I only needed to put a sail on and I could have flown back to the finish line.

Today I have rally done nothing! Tomorrow I hope to wake up and do a little run on the treadmill before I have my next PT appointment. Hopefully I will be wrapping up this recovery stuff and be back out on the roads again...after all, I have some New Year's goals ahead of me that hopefully include the snake river half on the first weekend in March, and a possible marathon in April...We shall see.

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