Friday, January 4, 2008

Hill Ride

Today's class was mostly hills with some interval work included...HR was targeted for 60-80% increasing to 90-95% during the peak intervals making sure that they recover on the 30 sec breaks. Encourage a steady pace and HR control. If having a hard time recovering, make sure to recover before next interval.

Warm up (5 min)

2:00 seated flat
1:00 seated climb
1:00 Standing Climb (Pos.3)
15 sec seated downhill (transition back onto that hill, into the next set)
This next set repeat 4x
30 sec Standing (pos.3) on a hill
30 sec (drop 1 gear) transition to (pos. 2) standing on a hill

After repeats- 1min downhill

Repeat entire hill series set 2 times

Flat road 1 minute
Interval sets
30 second pickups on cadence 30/on 30/off (repeat 5 times)
Find flat road 1 minute

Intervals on a hill
Start with standing hill (pos 2) 1 minute

Add one gear, pickup cadence, transition to (pos 3) standing run on a hill (hold 30 sec)
drop 1 gear back to standing (pos 2) on a hill (hold 30 sec)
Repeat set 4 times, increasing resistance with each set

Finish off with a repeat of 1st hill set, with increased pickups on the hills...

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