Saturday, January 5, 2008


How is one to maintain a New Year's resolution when very kind friends deliver treats like this??? Notice the giant block of chocolate, and the missing cookies from the plate. Yeah, we'll just say that we will save this resolution for Lent. The non religious, 40 day period once a year,where I go without junk food...stay posted it begins on Ash Wednesday. And no, I am not Catholic, I just like to have a good challenge).


Betina said...

Yea. I ate all the macaroons myself. Mmmm.

Jen said...

ooooh!!! yummy! i would be in deep trouble with a big block of chocolate- look at the chocolate on top of those cookies!!!!

i haven't tried lent since high school (with my catholic friend). :) i don't know that i could do 40 days without my vices.