Thursday, January 3, 2008

PT Graduation!!!

Woo hoo! Today I graduated form PT! That does not mean I can run a half marathon tomorrow but it means that I will no longer be paying $30 twice a week to get my hip worked on.
Since the Christmas break I have been feeling considerably better...not perfect but much improved. I am really excited to start increasing my milage, slowly.
I taught a spin class tonight...30 min class, I did a road terrain with some hills and a draft line. Seriously, the 30min class goes by so fast I feel like I have to quit right when I'm warmed up. The class was nice and one of the PT assitants from my PT office came to my class. It was fun to have the roles on my turf rather than him telling me what to do!

Tomorrow I teach spinning but Saturday I plan to run!

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