Thursday, January 10, 2008

More snow pics...

Yesterday after school I took Oscar to go sledding by our water tower. This is a picture of some of the hills that we were venturing out on to.Little did I know that there was a humongous snow drift and when stepped on sunk down to my hips. This is a pic of me getting out of the drift. I had to crawl out of the bank with Poppy in the back pack on my back. It was really pretty funny...Poppy was quite worried. I then made it to some more shallow snow.
It was really pretty fun and the kids didn't really get to sled because it was too deep but, that didn't stop them from tunneling and crawling around the drift.
Needless to say we were very cold when we got home.


Traci said...

Holy Smokes Batman!!! Loads of snow. I bet the kids had fun. Love the first picture, very tranquil!

mummy said...

Watch out, with all thay tunneling you may end up raising some rabbits for kids1