Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pretty Wintery day!

This morning we woke to another great abundance of snow. Very pretty ! Ricky was very sweet and shoveled the drive way before easy task! The morning then turned to this georgeous blue sunny sky! I wish we were skiing!!!Walking to school the boys couldn't;t help themselves from jumping in all of the snow banks...not to worry we left with plenty of time for play along the way.
This is where I drop Oscar off. Notice the line of kids that were lined up down below the hill to climb up the stairs to slide down the hill. This is what Oscar looks forward to when there is snow. Notice the nice gentleman who was at the top overseeing the process. When we walked up I could hear someone saying go...go...go I then realized he was staggering the kids so they wouldn't plow each other over.
Dosen't this look like a fun play ground? I'm glad they let the kids slide rather than make them just play int he snow.
Poppy fell asleep on my back...currently she is in her bed crying, trying to go back to sleep...ugh. Too bad she couldn't wait until we got home!

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Jen said...

oh poppy!

how cool that they get to slide into school!!! when i was in kindergarten, we were encouraged to enter the little 3 by 3 attached room to the building and wait- mainly to save us from the big kids who somehow were allowed to torment us daily. playing in the snow would have given me much happier memories- mine are all of 6th graders throwing snowballs at the window while we were crammed like sardines staring out at them!