Sunday, January 20, 2008

Potty Girl Poppy

(Poppy now insists on dressing herself and choosing her own clothes...she does however look adorable in her new little tiny undies!)
My dear Poppy girl,
you have now hurdled the Potty training boot camp and have graduated with flying colors. You now know to go to the potty and you successfully stay dry overnight and at nap time.
(Mommy and Pop's after our walk to get Oscar from school)
Not only are you so proud of your new found skill, but you are suddenly this sweet, snuggly , confident, not-so-mean girl! You have really made a huge developmental jump from being a baby girl, into a sweet little toddler.
Don't get me entirely wrong, you will still pinch the "boy" if provoked or if he is in your space, but it doesn't seem to be as maliciously as before.
You also seem to think of me as this loving mother, rather than the mean mommy who is making you sit on the cold potty seat. (This i am loving!)
(Poppy with Rosie Cheeks after our walk to get Oscar from school)
Yes, you are my very cute, two and four month old, potty girl!
I still can't help but love your adorable girlie mannerisms...this however, I will leave for another post.


Jen said...

so cute! i can't believe she's graduated from boot camp! :) way to go poppy!!!
ahhh...i hope she doesn't lose ALL the feisty- that's what makes her poppy! :) but i do agree that it's nice when they decide to be the snuggly types for awhile!

JoAnna said...

Oh isn't it so exciting! I look forward to adventures of being a mommy one day. If we have babies like Adam we'll be ok! He was quite the happy, snuggly little peaceful baby.
I can only hope for something close to that :) haha... well I love you
love Jo-Bugs

Lisa B. said...

I can't believe how old she is getting.! sorry i havent' been a good blog checker lately. ryans been sick. anyways. love ya and love your blog

Traci said...

Wow! Potty-trained already. Piper was when she finally took the plunge, I think it was pure laziness!

Bonnie said...

Ummm, yeah potty training is pretty much a bad word on our house, but I have 3 boys down and one to go! To be fair, Eric was the worst and the next to were much easier. Hopefully Sam will follow!

mama rhodes said...

We all fear and look forward to Potty Training!