Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow shoe brithday party!

(Back row-Jen and Betina. Front Row- Me and Jori)
Us ladies took yesterday morning and escaped to Kamiak butte for a bit of snow shoeing.
We were celebrating Jori's December birthday (also notice that she is in her 9th month of pregnancy!!!)
We were also celebrating the early Birthday of the lovely Jen. (Her birthday is next Monday)
This is the view from the south side. It was really really beautiful!
I have been a cross country ski snob for quite some time and have always thought that snow shoes were too slow and you can't go fast on the way down...but seriously...I can now see the fun in snowshoeing. You can leave the trail and wander...or you can mosey around...it was a blast! I now just have to convince Rick...
It was a very frosty morning meaning that the high for the day was somewhere in the teens...but it really wasn't too cold with all of my layers and as long as we just kept moving.
We polished the afternoon off with a tasty lunch from Swilly's.
Overall it was great fun and the kids enjoyed a morning with the babysitter.
Happy Birthday Jen and Jori!!!


mummy said...

I'll have to side with Ricky.
snow shoeing is nice going up but skiing downhill is so so much more fun! Also when I went shoeing in my young twenties I could get just as tangled up on them as skiis. As I checked on the chickens today I saw one setting up her nest for laying an egg. I decided to pick her up, bring her in the house and hold her until I could watch the egg come out. I held her for a half hour lifting up her behind feathers to watch the egg descend. The place where the egg should come out would regulary open and close and you could see a little mucous moving at the opening. As she made chiken noises her body would push. I decided I was not going to be able to hold her anymore since I had worked the night before and couldn't stay awake. Next time I will be more patient and film the egg coming out. I also learned that laying an egg is not all its cracked up to be, it is actually hard work

Betina said...

I LOVED our time up there.

Thanks for taking great pics. Email them to me so I can save them.


Nedge said...

Oh my gosh! MOM! Do you have to put these random sick chicken stories as a comment? ewwwww!

Mamma Letty said...

Mummy...I love your out-of-the-blue random comments...you make me laugh, very hard! I hope to hear more on the development of the chicken egg. When you do discover you should record it for future posterity.

I think you need to come visit...you need more grandkid interaction. Clearly the chickens are filling your void!

Rach said...

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JoAnna said...

That looks like lots of fun! Adam wants to look at getting each of us a set of snow shoes... hopefully soon.

Rach said...

I've always wanted to go snowshoeing! I looks like so much fun. A beautiful day, good friends, good food... you make me quite envious!

Bonnie said...

Snow shoeing sounds pretty fun. I haven't tried it, but if we had any snow out here I might! Plus, I bet my boys could burn lots of pent of energy doing that!