Sunday, January 6, 2008

Week in Pictures...1st week of 2008

New Year's Eve Princess tea party. Chelsea and Poppy.
New Year's Day "Morning After" run 3.5 miles.

Daddy Getting the kids ready to run...notice the pink tights and super cape! He's our superdad.
Yesterday's primary "meet your teacher" breakfast. It was a great party with a good turnout. I think the kids really enjoyed getting to spend some fun time with their teachers. I am grateful to have my freezer back, and to have the planning off my brain!
Snow ant. The snow was way to fluffy for a snowman, so we made a giant snow ant instead.

This evening the McDonald's brought over their very fun/large Mastiff "Granite". He is so pretty and fun. Smiley, although the smaller, could still exert his dominance. It was fun to watch them bounding around the house...I think they need a gymnasium and they would have a great time. I was going to get a picture of granite up next to Poppy, just so you could get an idea of his actual size...but she wouldn't stand to close. He is as tall standing on all fours and she is.
He is one Beautiful dog...Shane tells me that he will probably gain another 50lbs or so. After all he is still a puppy!


Jen said...

i don't blame poppy one bit!! :) poor girl nearly lost her toes!!!

i've got to find some pink tights for shane- that would be awesome. kellen's reaction would be priceless, too!

i'm so jealous you are back to running!!! i realized today that i miss the goals you can set with running- they seem much more attainable and exciting than any weight training program...

Jen said...

ps- thanks for letting g come over! he is still sleeping!!!

mummy said...

Great pictures! I have only one thing to say-who gets the job of doggie doo pick up? I have only one more thing to say-you know how the Poppy chicken always gets out? Her feather wings must have grown a little again because she stands on a stump and jumps and flys over the fence. Today I came back from a church meeting and dad was watching her sit in a flower pot on the patio. I went out and got her out of the pop and was tracing her foot prints in the snow so I could see where the dear chicken had escaped. After some minutes I could feel her body doing some funky chicken movement. I had her in my arms so of course my hand was under her body. I felt something emerge. And yes I felt an egg deliver in my hand! It was quite warm and not slimy. How awesome is that!

Traci said...

I love the snow ant you made! What a great idea!
Can't believe how big your primary is! We still need to try and do a breakfast for the new year too!

Abby Norman said...

I love the pictures! You guys looked like you had a great first week!

Tanner's Tales said...

Mummy-do you ever get away from work?