Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year's Fog

(Me, January 2007...where did that longer hair go??)
I truly love to make new year's resolutions. I'm sure many of you already know that I like to have goals and, I loves even more so to complete them. This year however, I am finding myself with a very long list and a very little patience to put them all down. Does this mean that I am beaten before I even begin?
Here are a few of the ones at the top (that I am willing to divulge):
1. Find more balance in everyday routine stuff. Not skimping on the important stuff and eliminating the unimportant.
1b. Spend more time really playing with my kids...not being preoccupied with other thoughts and simply play in the moment.
2. Run! Run because I love it and stretch like a crazy woman so that I won't get injured again!
3. Do not accrue any other furniture re-finishing projects (I think that I can do all of them but seriously, unless I want to be a clutter collector, I must stop) until I have completed the three I currently have in the works.
4. Be Content. Be grateful for all that I have and enjoy it.
5. Be graceful and kind to others. I really shouldn't try to understand the whole picture when all I really see is the tiny sound bites of their lives.
6. Show My hubby that I really love him, more often. He does so much for our family I need to reflect my gratitude more frequently.

Well, this is it...almost. There is still the lingering: eat less junk food, exercise more efficiently, take smiley for more walks, do the laundry periodically rather than trying to do it all in one day, plant an awesome garden that will bring me loads of produce, make serious progress on our food storage and monetary stores, paint the upstairs in the house, de-clutter the downstairs dungeon closets and kiss my kids everyday. The list goes on...Truly I will try to be better this year than the last and will look for opportunities to improve.


mummy said...

Once in a while think of all the things you already do and take a break! Dad knows all about the fog
his is a brain fog but he is working on clearing it. We have decided it has something to do with sleep. He takes big breaths then really shallow ones then sort of has a start and starts the pattern over. So he doesn't get enough deep good sleep. Hope we find a cure. I have to wake up at night and listen to him breath. He doesn't snore so I have to listen very carefully.

mummy said...

Your eyes look really nice and beautiful!

Traci said...

The list is getting long! You will have to let us know how it all goes throughout the yaer.
I love the pic of you!

Tanner's Tales said...

Such a cute picture! I agree with mummy, quit working so hard! You make the rest of us look bad!

Jen said...

that is such a cute picture!!! looking at your list, i start to worry! if you've got a list, i should have probably 5. you've become my pullman idol (ever since i found out you had the power to banish chocolate all week long) and i can't imagine what you DON'T do!!

the idea of being present in the moment has stuck with me...i am not so good at that- it always feels like i'm thinking about the next 20 things to do. it's a good reminder to just enjoy the time and remember it's not there forever.

AWESOME job on the primary breakfast this morning!!! that was a lot of fun and you guys put a TON of work into it!