Sunday, January 20, 2008

Catch up...

Wow! I have been quite lazy about posting...I have been exercising though. Here is the make-up layout of the past week or so.
Spinning- Friday 11th
I did a really great Interval Energy zone ride that you can link to here. I used a CD that was sent to me from Spinning with my re-certification stuff. It was called No time No space Vol. 13 or something. My class loved all of the new age worldly music. So much so that I comprised my play list for this past Friday the 18th with all new "new age" music.

Last week running
Saturday 12th- Ran just over 4 miles on a partially hilly loop. It was a nice run and flet pretty strong.
Monday- Skiing with Oscar and much fun!
Tuesday- decided it was time to extend my mileage to 5 mi. I did it on the treadmill but I also carried Poppy for two walks in the pack pack due to snow. This I believe was the downfall, or at least the combination. I over did it and i was pretty sore.
Wed- recovery day...try to undo some damage
Thur- still a little sore and because of the snow i put Poppy on my back again to get Oscar from school and truly was feeling it! I should not be wearing her on my back...the hip can't handle it yet! (NOTE TO SELF!!!)
Friday- Spinning
I did a nice endurance ride again (I love these because I don't give them a whole lot of low HR recovery, and instead I make them keep a higher aerobic HR and maintain.)
They were saying how their quads and hamstrings felt tight, but that their bodies felt energized rather than fatigued! This is success!!! I love it when they get the vision of not going all out, and have a rewarding ride that really will benefit them more on their aerobic base! Not to mention the fat calories burned, rather than their glycogen stores!
Saturday- Ran a fairly flat 6 miles...feel great! Things are looking up! I really want to do a half marathon on march 1st...we shall see.

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